Causes and Ways to Prevent Water Pollution

Waste is generated from the production of both industrial and domestic households. Where people settled, there the various types of waste will be generated. There is rubbish, toilet water, and wastewater from various activities.

1. Solid waste is better known as rubbish. When viewed chemically, this waste consists of chemicals of organic compounds and inorganic compounds. With a certain concentration and quantity, the presence of waste can hurt the environment, especially for human health.

2. Gas waste is waste that is caused by natural sources or as a result of human activities in the form of gas molecules. In general, it has a bad impact on life and the environment.

3. Solid industrial waste is the result of industrial waste in the form of solid, mud, or slurry that comes from processing stuff is an industrial or waste generated from industrial activities.

4. Liquid industrial waste is waste or pollution emitted by factories in the form of liquid. It usually discharged directly into waterways or sewers.

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Here’s how to deal with water pollution

1. Created a special disposal site

For liquid waste, special disposal wells located far from water sources can be made so that they do not pollute community water. As for solid waste, dumps are usually built that have very high chimneys so that the smell does not disturb the community.

2. Raw Material for Derivative Products

Some solid or liquid waste can be processed again as raw material for other derivative products. It also can be recycled and should be separated from waste that cannot be recycled.

3. Fertilized

Fertilizer is not only in the form of compost. with the use of sophisticated waste treatment technology, we can make both solid and liquid waste into several types of fertilizers, including compost and liquid fertilizer.