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House Design Techniques: A Guide to the Latest Techniques and Technologies in House Design

Technology is transforming how house designs and architecture should look and feel in today’s time. It’s also shaping what homeowners should yearn for in their new construction. And with the need for healthier, safer and integrated houses growing across Canada, there was probably never a better time than now to leverage the latest technologies and achieve innovation in home design.

And thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, homeowners also realize the risks of living in structures that have poor indoor air quality. Similarly, the rising dangers and occurrences of natural disaster have already served us the timely reminder to ditch the messy living ways of the modern times and adopt a more sustainable ways of life.

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Naturally, there is a growing interest in adopting new innovations in design and construction to align the living with the future and also contribute to the cause of the environment. It’s therefore natural for home designs to gravitate towards being self-sufficient, use more of solar energy and rely on ecological feasible materials wood glass more to lower the carbon footprint.

In this post, some latest trends have been discussed in home design that are sure to change the way we look at the kind of dwellings we should ideally be living in.

So, some of the latest home design techniques are –

3D Printed Homes

Conventional homes are always susceptible to various forms of natural disasters. Plus, they involve a lot of time and money when it comes re-building them in case the disaster strikes. For that reason, the need was always felt for a kind of construction technology that is not only fit for disaster-prone areas but is also cheap compared to traditional homes. This is when the concept of 3D printing arrived onto the horizon. Not only for remove sites, but this technology is equally helpful for constructing portal earthen houses anywhere by using dirt, clay and plant fibers.  The best part, this technology can help create designs and structures in all types of shapes and sizes.

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Sustainable Design

In recent years, there has been a growing inclination towards adopting energy-efficient products in residential structures to pave the way for sustainable design. The idea is to use products like solar panels and controlled ventilation systems more often so that homes in future could benefit from renewable materials. Similarly, the focus is gradually shifting towards using low-maintenance materials together with new glass and glazing technologies so that new house designs not only look future-ready and innovative but are also better prepared for natural disasters.

Open-Plan Layouts

The demand for open-plan spaces is growing and it’d not be a mistake to say that this kind of layout is set to gradually replace traditional rooms. Since people are finding more time than earlier to live at home, open-plan layouts were the kind of trend waiting to happen to collide with this new-found yearning of the pandemic-struck population. After all, the dark days of COVID have instilled in us the virtues of staying connected more to our near and dear ones; and this could be the reason why more homeowners now look for large, minimalist designs as this helps them realize the purpose of connectivity and closeness more than ever before.

Modular Off-Site Building

While prefab homes are not recent innovations by any means as they exist for century, the ones that are being created these days are surely different. They are built with more focus on sustainability, and their being high-tech and low-impact puts them way ahead of their earlier counterparts. In this mode of construction, house components can be manufactured in a factory and then assembled on a location. So, they are obviously more affordable and more budget-friendly with the added benefit of being set up in a super quick time. Plus, they can be fully customized to cater to specific tastes of homeowners as well.

Green Roofing

Green roofs are becoming more popular by the day and are also replacing more standard types of roofing system that homes have traditionally adopted. They are not only attractive but their ability to soak up heat rather than reflect, make them ideal for houses in cooler climes. On the other hand, cool roofing too is also a concept that homes in hot climes area are using quite often to reflect sunlight more rather than absorb it, therefore keeping the house cooler and pleasant in the summer time. Both types of roofing arrangement show how houses can adopt to better manage the rays of the sun and gain own unique set of advantages, depending on where the house is located.

Final Thoughts

It’s fair to say that home designs are often reflective of the times we live in. And the way technology is advancing, we should expect more latest techniques to arrive on the scene and change the way we have been living and taking care of our spaces. So, it makes sense that we stay ready for the changes in home design and embrace whatever could add value to the way we live.

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