How to Choose Safety Shoes for Riding

Shoes are one of the safety equipment every motorcycle rider must wear. This is why before buying shoes you need to know the type of safety shoes to wear for riding.

First, you can choose the ‘boots’ type of shoes. This one is tall, so it covers and protects the ankle area. In buying boots, you should consider the quality of the material. It is recommended to use boots made of thick, flexible leather.

It allows the motorcycle riders to move their feet freely and get safe protection. The thick skin that doesn’t tear easily will protect users from scratches and bruises should they fall while driving.

Second, safety riding shoes must have strong rubber soles. Rubber soles with perfectly shaped edges offer a strong grip on slippery roads, keeping the riders safe in case of an accident.

Third, the characteristic of a good boot is when the body of the shoe is sewn firmly to the soles and not merely glued. It is an essential feature to ensure boots and the soles would not get torn off when the rider accidentally falls from his vehicle.

Soles with firm sewing can also increase the durability of the shoe and allow its users to wear it for years.

Fourth, make sure the boots you choose can withstand all weather conditions. It means it should be durable whether you wear it during the rainy season or dry season. It would be best if they are made of polished nubuck leather to protect the feet when it rains or when accidentally stepping on a puddle.

Fifth, safety boots for riding must have a sturdy strap, even though some shoes use a buckle mechanism. For bikers, shoelaces offer several advantages. First, you can loosen it or tighten it all you want, especially when you wear socks.

Another advantage is that boots can easily be removed if a motorcycle rider falls and injured. For extra safety, motorcycle riders should choose boots with thick shoelaces.

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