Safe and Comfortable Driving in the New Normal Era


Even though the Corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic has not disappeared in various states, the government has begun to implement a new normal policy. If you have started your activities again and are relying on private cars in this new normal phase, it’s good to listen to the following tips. There are some tips for safe and comfortable driving in the new normal era.

The first step that can be started by ensuring the condition of the car is ready to use, with regular service every 6 months / 10,000 km, by coming to an authorized repair shop or mobile service to the house. In addition, car cleanliness also needs to be maintained, both in terms of exterior and interior. From the exterior, make it a habit to wash all parts of the car, including the under-carriage, using soap. As for the interior, areas that must be cleaned include the steering wheel, transmission lever, light / wiper / AC switches.

In addition, periodically disinfect cars and clean car air conditioners, and wear health accessories such as air purifiers. After making sure your car is in top shape and healthy, now is the turn to practice safe and comfortable driving in the new normal period. Then what should be done to be able to drive healthy and safe in the new normal era to avoid the COVID-19 virus.

1. Ensure Vehicle Cleanliness

Wash the vehicle thoroughly before doing activities. Get more attention, such as all door handles and fuel tank caps. In the interior, make sure the door panels, steering wheel, transmission lever, parking brake lever, arm rest, and AC and audio controls are also in clean condition. To clean these parts, detikers can use a quality Car Kit.

2. Checking the wind pressure, wipers and engine condition

Next, take the tire pressure measurement and make sure there are no drips of liquid as an indication of a leak. Pay attention to the wiper rubber and make sure there is no dirt that can cause scratches on the glass. Also check the condition of the fluid in the engine room and add it if it is not enough.

3. Make Sure Each Feature Is Working Properly

Check all the functions of car instruments such as lights, horn, transmission lever, parking brake, audio and AC controls, and the pedals under the dashboard.

Prepare travel needs so you don’t have to bother driving a car. For example, prepare an ethol card and make sure the balance is adequate. Also put other necessities such as change, sunglasses, drinks and food in place so that it is not difficult when needed. Adjust the AC and car audio settings as desired so you don’t have to change them when driving a car.

4. Check Vehicle Documents and Adhere to Health Protocols

Check the vehicle documents so you don’t leave them at home. Avoid placing items in places that invite theft. According to health protocols related to preventing the transmission of the COVID-19 virus, other family members are required to wear masks and provide hand sanitizers to clean their hands. The car can be fully loaded by passengers on the condition that all of them come from the same address.

 5. Pay attention to driving ethics

Driving etiquette is also an important factor to do when driving. Such as obeying traffic rules. Don’t break the rules, even if other road users do. Stay emotional and do not be easily provoked if other road users engage in aggressive maneuvers such as cutting your lane. Focus on driving and don’t get distracted by unimportant things like picking up fallen items or being busy with cell phones that can distract attention to the road. Because a split second of carelessness is enough to cause an accident, such as hitting a car in front of you looking at a cellphone screen.

Apart from these things, keep your body healthy by getting enough sleep, eating nutritious foods, exercising regularly, sunbathing in the morning, to increase endurance. And limit transmission by maintaining distance and avoiding crowds, wearing masks when going out of the house, maintaining ethics of sneezing and coughing. If driving your own car is a hassle for you and your family to travel, you can look for Rent a car near me. Also make sure that the vehicle being rented also observes the health regulations set by the government, such as spraying disinfectants on the interior and exterior as well as the cleanliness and condition of the car that is maintained.