4 Types of Floors Suitable for Swimming Pools

Not only does the design of the swimming pool that makes this pool look beautiful, but the finishing of this pool also affects the beauty and comfort of the swimming pool. Finishing done on the surface of the swimming pool is not only to protect the construction of the swimming pool but so that the swimming pool has a high aesthetic value and beauty.

The important thing to note when finishing the swimming pool is the selection of the floor and walls of the swimming pool. So that it doesn’t look weird, here are some types of flooring that are suitable for swimming pools that you can choose from:


The type of floor that is suitable for the first swimming pool is ceramic. Most swimming pools use tiled floors. In addition to a smoother surface, this ceramic will also make the swimming pool shinier. You can choose this ceramic material not only for the swimming pool floor, but you can use this material on the walls or the edge of the pool.

The Installation of this tile is quite fast so it can cut installation costs. Not only that, the price of this ceramic material is more affordable when compared to other materials. Using this type of ceramic floor is quite common, so it is suitable for those of you who want to make a swimming pool with a standard budget.


The type of floor that is suitable for swimming pools that you can make the next choice is a mosaic. This mosaic has a smaller size compared to ceramics. The size itself starts from 2 cm to 7.5 cm on each piece. What makes this mosaic unique and interesting are that one piece with another piece is connected, so it is very similar to a puzzle, to put it together requires a net at the bottom. Apart from being a unifier, the net part is also used to increase the bonding power so that the application is easier.

This type of floor is more elegant and also more luxurious so that currently many swimming pool contractors offer the manufacture of swimming pools with this type of mosaic floor. The reflected light produced will be much better than the ceramic one, not only that this mosaic piece will not break easily because it is made of good material.

Natural stone

If you like swimming pools with natural shades, then this type of natural stone floor can be an option. Besides being applied to a pool with a natural theme, this natural stone can also be applied to a swimming pool in a traditional style. This natural stone swimming pool is often found in Bali, which is famous for its culture and art. The advantages that you can get by using this type of floor are more character and artistic. Not only that, the surface of this natural stone finish can be treated well, textured, porous which will make the swimming pool not slippery compared to using other materials.

Portugal Green Pedra

The type of floor that is suitable for the last swimming pool that you can choose is Portugal Green Pedra (pedra hijau Portugal). This type of floor is suitable for swimming pools with a large enough back garden so that this pool looks very artistic. The advantage of using this type of floor is that it creates a unique texture and is not slippery and can create a luxurious and natural impression on your swimming pool.

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