Things to prepare for building a swimming pool

If you want a permanent swimming pool, you need to do things to build your own swimming pool at home. Bringing a swimming pool home should be carefully planned so that the results are well managed. You really need to plan everything related to building a swimming pool like cost, construction, aesthetics and so on. Here is a collection of things you need to prepare to create an individual swimming pool at home.

1. Swimming pool development fund

Cost is one of the most important things to consider when you want to build an individual swimming pool at home. You must allocate costs for construction, furniture and plumbing work, lighting systems, water costs, as well as payment for wage costs or contract. In addition, you should also consider the cost of maintaining the swimming pool.

2. Source size and layout

You need to take a closer look at the size of the swimming pool that you want to build on the flat land in your home. If the available area is not very wide, you should arrange a small-sized swimming pool. In addition, you need to adapt the design of the swimming pool to the theme of your home.

3. Build a swimming pool

Here are some things you can prepare for your own swimming pool in your home. One of them is to build a swimming pool. In order not to just break the swimming pool, the swimming pool must be made with the right materials.

4. Floor and bucket furniture

Layers and cladding layers of clay are usually either granite or granite which really supports the look of the swimming pool. You can use Bali Natural Stone materials to make it more comfortable. The beauty of the swimming pool you created. So to make the swimming pool cleaner, you should choose bright colors. In addition, you should also pay attention to using materials that are easy to clean, so that they are easy to maintain.

5. Electric purchase

Swimming pools must be electrically powered to control the pump used to control the water flow. In addition, they need electric altars for lighting at night. For example, a minimalist swimming pool with 500-700 watts of power consumption.

6. Water supply

The cost of water to fill swimming pools comes from a number of sources such as spring water and PAM. To get better bathing water, you need to be able to manage the swimming pool properly. By doing so, you do not have to change the water in the swimming pool.

7. Analysis system

The filtration system is a must-have ready to build a swimming pool at home. There are two types of filtration systems used in swimming pools, namely conventional systems and mixed water fountain systems. The conventional system is performed by planting structural pipes that are used to drain the water into the filter tank at the bottom of the swimming pool structure.

Currently, the injection system and the filter system are the integrated filtration system and the bath structure. This system is ideal for small swimming pools.

8. Papa Terrace

There are many types of floors or spring floors, such as wooden floors, floors with natural stone, split stone in stone, and can also be a type of floor that fits directly into the house. You must first check that the sink in the swimming pool is not slippery, non-slip and clean at all times.

9. Lake Water

When creating a swimming pool, you also need to be careful about the depth of the water in the swimming pool. The depth of the swimming pool for children should be about 0.5 meters long. Currently, for adult swimming pools, the maximum depth is 1.4 km to 2 meters. However, you can do this by combining the two by creating a separate section in the form of a list.

10. Vegetables

The vegetation around the swimming pool improves the appearance of the swimming pool. You can plant coconut trees, frangipani, redwood or baby bananas next to the swimming pool to make the environment more comfortable.

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